Historical Minden High School


Since 1838 this site has been used for teaching.  It is the site of the original Minden Academy later in 1850 the Minden Female Academy was founded this would later upgrade in 1854 to the status of college.  Young ladies from across the South received a quality education at this institution form 1854 until the school closed in the early 1890’s.  The culture of Minden was greatly enhanced by the well-qualified faculty members that came to teach at the school.   The Concert Hall was the host for musical and theatrical presentations over the years included some joint efforts during the Civil War years by the students and the young Confederate officers who wintered in Minden during 1864 and 1865.  The Victory Bell in fact is the original bell that hung outside the long ago Concert Hall.  Several school buildings have been erected and raised on this site.  The 1910 building was used until 1953.  A 1924 building would become the high school and used until 2005.  In 1953 the new building as it was called was finished.  Today we are privileged to have a new state of the art campus.  An attempt to save the 1924 building (the old building as it was fondly called) was not to be, because of the extreme cost to renovate.  Though the hallowed halls have changed the gift of knowledge has stayed the same. 

Photo above: MHS 1920's

Minden High Song


We're loyal to you, Minden High,

Love the days that too soon will go by,

We'll back you to stand 'gainst the best in the land,

For we know what you'll do when you try;

The years that pass after we're through

Will bring happy memories of you;

Your colors of green and white are symbols of truth and right,

Alma Mater, Minden High!



For to Minden High School we shall be true;

Here's to the Green and White, we're fighting for you;

We'll never forget the hours of labor and fun,

Of victories we've won - Oh, Oske-Wow-Wow!

Here's to the Minden High School, best in the land;

Here's to the Minden High School, for her We'll stand,

And in the years to come our heart and hand

Will be with you - Dear Minden High.

~Earl Looney, '22