St. John’s Episcopal Church


St. John’s Episcopal Church Built in 1951


In the 1830’s the Chaffe family came to Minden from the old world of England. Many English immigrants followed. Why they chose Minden we many never know, but Minden is the better for these tough men and women. They made the choice to settle in this new land with all of its advantages and freedoms. They were hard working business people that soon made their mark on the community. They became closely identified with the industrial and business life of Minden. For many years they gave their services and efforts in Minden’s further development, thus handing down a legacy to their descendants of being linked with Minden’s earliest achievements. In 1873, a church was built, Gothic in style, with a tall tower and spire 75 feet in height; and with tall windows with colored glass. On February 2, 1874, the church was consecrated. In 1887, the Ladies Parochial Association was reorganized and called St. John’s Guild. Mrs. Ida Virginia Goodwill was the president. She was Alfred Goodwill’s second wife and the great-grandmother of Louisiana Governor Murphy J. (Mike) Foster III. In October, 1947, talks of a new church building were in the works. The last service in the old church was on January 23, 1949.



The beautiful church that we know today as the home of St. John’s was completed in 1951. It has the feel of an old English country church tucked among beautiful trees and gardens. The first service in the new church was held on June 10, 1951. The church has gone through many transformations since 1951. The members of St. John’s are like one big family. Many members are the descendants of the original members that came to Minden so many years ago. St. John’s welcomes you with open arms.