Roberts-Miller Home

318 Lewisville


This modified Salt Box style home is reported to be the first home in Minden to be built on a concrete foundation. Sue and Willard Roberts, the original owners of this historic home, met in New Orleans in the early thirties. They were later married in the Crescent City in 1935. Mr. Roberts was a Gypsum (sheet-rock) salesman in Birmingham, Alabama. Sue was a homemaker with impeccable taste. In 1939, Willard with his young family had the opportunity to come to Minden, to operate the Minden Lumber Yard. The Roberts family would become prominent citizens in Minden. They were involved in church, civic and business organizations for many years. Mr. Roberts would own several businesses in Minden until his retirement in 1960. One business which was formed in the fifties was a building material, gift & Pittsburg Paint store. Mr. Roberts liked to say his family survived from his Pittsburg paint business. The Roberts-Brown Company was located where Regions Bank is today. Back then it was located next door to Parker Buick. Mrs. Sue Roberts, with her eye for decorating, helped many of the area homeowners with their home décor. Sue Roberts also had a hand with their successful frame shop, located along Union & Monroe St. In their two-story home, located at 318 Lewisville Rd., they raised four girls; the oldest being Suzanne Burns (now residing in California), Lyda Madden (Minden), Elizabeth Martin (Colorado) and Anna Welles (Florida). In 1990 Jimmie and Linda Miller purchased the home, fulfilling a life long dream for Linda. Linda a 1966 Graduate of MHS had dreamed of living in the Salt Box house. She often told her high school sweetheart, Jimmie, how much she loved the house. They would pass it everyday going to school. Thirty years later, her dream came true. The Millers purchased the home, from the Robert’s family. The Millers have two children, Kristie Copeland and Michael Miller. Another twist to the story is that Jimmie is the comptroller for Lyda’s husband, James at Madden Construction. Linda’s love for the house is evident in the beautiful yard and interior of the home. This 1939 home has been a great place to call home for two Minden families.