Baker - Schoenbrodt House

409 East & West Street


This 1918 Bungalow style home was made popular after the Victorian era by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Sears and Montgomery Wards sold bungalows as kits by mail order.1918 Robert A. Baker built home his sister-in-law Ms. Schoenbrodt would inherit the home.

   This style gained enormous attention and designs were made available through pattern books.  Sears and Montgomery Wards sold bungalows as kit by mail order.  The history of 409 East and West began in 1918 when a lot was purchased from the widow of Civil War Veteran John D. McIntyre.  Sarah McIntyre sold to Robert A. Baker for the sum of $1000, the lot, on which he would later that same year build a home for his new wife Miss Margaret Schoenbrodt.  Mrs. Baker was a French and Civics teacher at Minden High School for many years.  She also cared for her younger sister Susuanella and their mother Ella in the home.  Susuanella also taught  in the Minden school system for over 40 years.  Mr. Baker worked at Minden Building and Loan for many years until his retirement in 1960.  In 1980, Susuanella, the last of the family, died leaving the home to a niece.  This niece would sell the home in 1981.