Minden Presbyterian Church

1001 Broadway



1001 Broadway Gothic Revival, Brick, stained glass.

Built in 1923-24. Oldest existing church building in Minden.

Minden Presbyterian Church is a member of Pines Presbytery, Synod of the Sun, and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Presbyterian Church was organized in the Fall of 1851 by Rev. J. Franklin Ford. Since Presbyterians had no church building, they met for worship in the Methodist Church when that congregation had no service of their own. The Methodist Church was organized in 1839. Some of the first pastors are presidents and teachers of the Minden Academy and the Minden Female Academy. The first church building was a one-room white frame building enclosed by a picket fence and was built in 1189 on land donated by Hervey Drake and W.A. Drake. It was at the location of the present church. Our present sanctuary, which is Neo-Gothic architecture, was built in 1924.


Classrooms are housed on the second floor behind the sanctuary. Building and furnishings cost $35,000 in 1924. A new Hook and Hastings organ, donated by Mr. & Mrs. C.M. Hutton and S.G. Webb, was installed. The sanctuary remains much the same except that the choir loft was moved from the podium to a side room that was originally a multipurpose room for overflow crowds and church activities. The podium was made smaller, and the organ has been reworked twice, with additional ranks added. In 1962, the three large stained glass windows in the front of the sanctuary were installed. In 1971, the remaining front window and narthex window were added. In 1995, side windows were replaced with stained glass. The Hutton Hall educational building was added in 1955, and an activities building was built in 1985.Our sanctuary has recently been renovated inside and out with new paint, varnish, carpet, pew cushions, and the organ reworked. Minden Presbyterian Church is the oldest church building in Minden and is also located in the Historic Residential District.

The Downtown Churches

The first congregation in the city was the Methodist Church, which began holding services regularly in 1839. Today the First United Methodist Church, has been located on the same site, but has seen several building since 1839. The current building resembles the older building and does have the original stained glass from the former 1905 building. The Minden Baptist Church was organized in December 1844. Today it is the First Baptist Church in it’s 5th building this one replacing the 1925 building in 1977. The first preacher for First Baptist was George Washington Bains the great-great-grandfather of President Lyndon Johnson. The President made an appearance at the 125th anniversary celebration in 1969. The Minden Presbyterian Church was not formally established until 1851. Today, the 1924 church building still in use is the oldest in the downtown area. After several English settlers came to Minden in the late 1840’s the need for and Episcopal Church became apparent. The church you see today was built in 1951 replacing the 1870’s structure that was located near where the Civic Center is today. The first Catholic Church was built in 1870’s. St. Anne’s Catholic Church would be lost to the tornado on May 1, 1933. African Americans who were held as slaves worshiped in the churches of their masters during that pre-Civil War era. Later many Black churches would form and a few are still in existence today. One such church is St. Rest Baptist Church.