1108 Broadway

Mr. J.H. Nelson in 1918 built this Federal Style house on the site of the 1870 Reams house. 

1928 Alberta Glass last living confederate soldier’s home;1974 McInnis.

Hello there. My name is Alberta Glass, I ran a store in downtown Minden for nearly 50 years, but most folks remember me for another reason. I was the last veteran of the War Between the States in Minden. I was born in old Claiborne Parish in 1845. When I was 15 years old my parents sent me down to a new school in Pineville called the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Military Institute (you probably know it better by the name it got later – LSU). There was a really tough soldier as Superintendent at the school, his name was William Tecumseh Sherman – yep, the famous General Sherman. I had only been at the school a little while when The War Between The States broke out. I went back home and in March 1862, I joined Company G of the 12th Louisiana Infantry in the Confederate Army. We went to the east and fought quite a bit in Georgia and Tennessee. I even got wounded once at the Battle of Atlanta. When it came time for us to surrender in May 1865, I bet you can guess who our unit surrendered to. It was the Army of that same General Sherman who’d been head of my school. I came back to Minden after the war and went to work as a store clerk.  Eventually I owned that store. By 1933, I was 88 years old and the last Confederate veteran still living in Minden. They had a big ceremony to dedicate that statue in the park over on the next hill south of this cemetery. Had a band and everything, they let me unveil the statue. I only lived 4 years after that. I was going on 92 when I finally died. I tell you, I saw a lot of things change here in Minden and this country.

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